The stunts this season are turning out to be quite challenging: Jay Bhanushali

Khatron Ke Khiladi’s special Made In India edition is turning out to be quite an interesting roller coaster ride for the contestants, with some mind blowing and challenging out of the box stunts.

The recent weekend episodes saw some absolute daredevil stunts which kept everybody at the edge of their seats. One of the stunts required actor Jay Bhanushali to be wrapped up in white sheets attached to a vaccum in the morgue area, while partner Karan Wahi had to free himself from locks to free Jay from the vaccum and sheets.

While the two successfully managed to complete the entire stunt, for Jay it was definitely not easy to be wrapped up in those sheets and put in the morgue cabinet. Speaking about his stunt experience, Jay shares,”The stunts this season are turning out to be quite challenging, different and very strategic. The plastic vaccum stunt which I was a part of this weekend was quite a tough one! The plastic was squeezed around my eyes and ears and it was challenging to even slightly move, making it tough to breathe as well. For those few seconds I felt quite lifeless, but knew that completing the stunt was priority so I just hung in there! It was a relief to finally get out, but it eventually felt quite good to complete the stunt till the end.”