The team on set is ensuring that all safety measures and protocols are in place: Mohit Malik

Actor Mohit Malik is all set to make a comeback on the small screen with Rashmi Sharma’s upcoming show, based on couple turmoil amidst the lockdown.

Recently having begun shooting for the show, along with important precautionary measures that are being implemented on set due to the pandemic scare, Mohit is also ensuring that he too takes additional care of his own hygiene and safety during these times, to not only secure himself but others around him as well!

Speaking about the current environment on set during these times, Mohit shares,”The team on set is ensuring that all safety measures and protocols are in place. From the time we step onto set till the time we leave, regular temperature checks, sanitization and use of the oxymeter is well conducted. The team is also very low on count, with not too many people present on set. Social distancing is also maintained promptly by everybody here, and the minute the shot is over we are all back to wearing our masks again.”

“It does feel strange and odd to be shooting under such uncertain circumstances. I am someone who has always been used to a set full of people, where I can gauge their reactions after a shot and even discuss with them on how things could be improvised, but due to the new norms now in place, these things are not possible at all. Though this is the time when you have to be self dependant and realize what is important for your own safety. So I really feel that we all need to at the end of the day do our bit during this phase by keeping safe not only for ourselves, but for others around us too! Luckily, everyone here on our set is doing just that.”