‘This “kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai” attitude has to stop!’ – Sophie Choudry’s outrage in series of tweets is a must read today

The world shook when American film producer Harvey Weinstein was accused by several women for rape and sexual assault. It was not the news of sexual harassment within the entertainment industry that surprised the people but the fact that women were not coming forth and sharing their ordeal for the world to hear.

Once the filmmaker was named, many others brought to light other sexual offenders making it a worldwide movement. A hashtag ‘Me Too’ trended and girls and women across the globe shared their stories which eventually like any other campaigns fizzled out in no time.

This time around, back home, former Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta accused veteran actor Nana Patekar for sexual harassment during a film shoot that coaxed her to force stop her acting career. With mixed reactions, someone calling it a publicity gimmick, while some showing solidarity for her plight, everyone got talking about it and Bollywood came out in support.

Over the last few days, the #MeToo movement has created a storm with many more prominent names emerging and more women finally coming out of the closet.

VJ, Actress and Singer Sophie Choudry who moved to India from London & made Bollywood her home, doesn’t mince her words and shares her views on her micro-blogging site.

In a series of tweets she posted:-

First tweet read:

Thinking about all those guilty men who are on edge wondering if their name is gonna come out! I hope they are having sleepless nights, suffering, panicking, living each day in fear.. but that’s still not even 1% of what the women they abused have had to go through!! #metoo

She added:

So many men on twitter saying how can women give judgment, where is the evidence? Well what should they have done? Taken a photo when he took his Penis out at them? Recorded the conversation? Or should they have saved themselves? What would u want ur mother/sister/wife to do?

Replying to few who raised questions:

When a twitter user stated that a mere accusation doesn’t make a person guilty, Sophie was quick to reply,’

Evidence? U want them to take a pic while being molested? When women from different walks of life come out & have a similar story about an individual, how can u refute that? U believe a man with a questionable reputation over women who are finding the courage to tell their story?

When a user raised concern on why wait before taking action

She wrote, ‘Do u understand that even 3yrs ago the environment was not safe or friendly for women who had a story to tell! We live in a patriarchal society in which women are threatened, alienated, prevented from getting jobs if they speak!! It’s only now that women r finding courage! #MeToo’

Sophie raised a serious concern on girls finding it difficult to get work due to merit,

Agree! The ones who oblige make it impossible for the girls who want work on merit!! This “kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai” attitude has to stop! I was once told by a well known man that I’m a “victim of my morals”. I told him at least I can look at myself with pride!

She concluded,

We live in a society where women are brought up to believe that speaking of abuse will bring shame on their family, they must have done something to encourage it & the best thing to do is remain silent. Now when women collectively have the courage to speak, u question it? #Metoo