This National Vegetarian Day actor Saurabh Pandey advocates Vegetarianism

Although there have been occasions where he has had non-vegetarian food, actor Saurabh Pandey says that he has always been happy being a vegetarian. The actor says that being vegetarian helps keep him healthy. “The advantages of being a vegetarian is that it’s good for your health. If you have veg food, you have less cholesterol and other related issues. Non-veg food requires killing and harming animals. Animals are more sensitive to pain than plants. Also, animals are pumped with artificial steroids to make them grow bigger muscles. They are given a lot of preservatives. So, you are also pumping yourself with chemicals rather than eating healthy,” he says.

He will always choose vegetarian food over non-veg, says Saurabh. “Since my childhood, I have been a vegetarian. But there were times when I was forced to eat non-veg. Like if my trainer would tell me to eat for muscle gain or B12. But most of the times, I feel light when I eat vegetarian food. That is my first option always,” he says.

Ask him what are his favorite veg delicacies, and he says, “In veg, south Indian food that is Dosa-Idli and Makki ki roti, Sarson ka saag are my favorites.

Saurabh doesn’t feel that vegetarianism can be forced on someone. “I haven’t had a debate with anyone or tried to convert anyone.  It’s a personal choice. When they realize the good points of vegetarianism, they will automatically turn vegetarian,” he says.