This Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan changes the scene yet again

Weekend Ka Vaar 5: Once again it ‘s Weekend ka Vaar and Salman Khan is set to take the stage as the contestants gear up to face some tough decisions, everyone is holding on to their position tight.

Salman realizes that Rubina is still upset after their confrontation last weekend. He watches the highlights and ensures that nothing is brushed under the carpet. He decides to clarify his stand once again and they finally make peace with it.

A big revelation by Salman Khan leaves the house shocked as he brings the true colors of Jaan Kumar Sanu to the fore. While Nikki had begun to trust him as a friend, she gets to hear that Jaan had been plotting against her and Rahul during the captaincy task. Having seen the least expected double-faced side of Jaan, the contestants are now in two minds about his personality. Truly! looks can be deceptive.

Hurt of being backstabbed by Jaan, Nikki unfurls in anger and locks herself in the bathroom, while Jaan runs after her trying to pacify and apologize for his actions.

A surprise for the contestants, the mood of the house suddenly turns romantic. The bonds in the house are put to test with a ‘Aankhon Aankhon Mein’ challenge, where the duo have to read their partners through their eyes. A cute and loving banter between Eijaz and Pavitra leaves everyone starry-eyed, while Nikki and Jaan were in a ‘roothna and manana’ space with each other.

A sizzling performance by Kavita Kaushik and Naina Singh, hints of a new twist in store.

Whose journey is going to end this week?

Scene ab phir se paltega!