Tinaa Dattaa and Rashami Desai bond in Goa 

There is nothing better than finding some time off to hang out with a friend. What makes that even more perfect is to do this at an exotic place, right? Well! Actor Tinaa Dattaa was in for such a treat during her recent trip to Goa. The actor was there for a work event and ended up bumping into her friend actor Rashami Desai and the two had a blast. Both had worked together in Uttaran and have been popular A list artists since then.

Basically, we had gone to Goa for an event. It was someone’s wedding. It was fun meeting Rashu after so long. We had so much fun. In the flight also we kept chatting like chatterboxes and had so much to talk about. We had dinner together,” says Tinaa.

Well, that’s a day well spent right and both would make for casting coup if cast together again in a TV soap as the leading ladies, are the producers listening?