Top 5 most beautiful places in Japan for Nature Lovers that you should differently visit

The land of sushi, cherry blossoms, temples, gardens, cities with neon skyscrapers, and ofcourse it’s Japan we are talking about. This amazing country has such a rich ready to explore it. If you have the chance to visit Japan, you can enjoy the beauty of the cities, such as Tokyo or Kyoto, but the option of visiting the natural beauty isn’t excluded. In fact,  it is known for having breathtaking gardens and national parks too. This list offers you five amazing places to visit it and also experiencing the beauty of Nature.

 1. Hitachi Seaside Park :

The Hitachi Seaside Park is located in Hitachinaka, Ibraki. It is famous for the wonderful flowers growing there. The park has become known for its baby blue-eyes flowers, with the blooming of 4.5 million of the translucent-petaled blue flowers in the spring drawing tourists. In addition to the annual “Nemophila Harmony”, the park features a million daffodils, 170 varieties of tulips, and many other flowers. The park includes cycling trails and a small amusement park with a Ferris wheel.

2. Mount Fuji :

The highest mountain in Japan with a beautiful cone shape. The center of mountain worship since ancient days.

It is truly one of the greatest wonder of nature. The Mount is considered as one of the “Three Holy Mountains” in Japan and it is also the highest mountain in the country. It is surrounded by three cities and five lakes, from which there is a beautiful view of the mountain. It can be seen even from Tokyo, if the sky is clear.

3. Kawachi Fuji Garden :

Absolutely,  this is real and it is located in the Kawachi Fuji Garden, and few hours away from Tokyo. Kawachi Wisteria Garden has grown very popular in recent years and now attracts large numbers of domestic and international visitors during the wisteria season, which often falls into the busy Golden Week. As a result,  the garden can become very crowded and time-consuming to access. The best time to visit the Kawachi Fuji Garden is during Spring, when the plants are blooming.

4. Yahiko Park Niigata :

There are many maple trees and other plants that will leave you breathless. This kind of parks aren’t rare thing in Japan. The Yahiko park is just one of many and no matter which one you visit, if the timing is right you are going to be fascinated by the beauty of autumn in Japan.. Plenty of other attractions can be found including precious cultural assets such as Yu Jinja Shrine which is considered to be the birthplace for Yahiko Onsen.

5. Takinoue Park :

The Takinoue Park is famous for the moss phlox flowers. These tiny, pink flowers cover up 100,000m2 area and it’s best to see them during late spring. The spring mountain views and fresh mountain air make for a splendidly relaxed scenic drive. You’ll find plenty of places along the way to stop, take a photo or two of the stunning white peaks of the Taisetsuzan Mountain Range.