Trailer launch of Shoib Shah’s

Oxygen at Cannes film festival
Veterans in cinema Rahul Rawail, Bobby Bedi, Kulmeet Makkar , Bhuvan Lall , Taranjit Kaur launched the trailer of Oxygen produced by Namita Lal and Rahat Kazmi and directed by Shoib Nikash Shah. The event happened at India Pavalian at Cannes The audience, among them festival Director’s Pushpinder, Stefan Of UK and Germany , loved the trailer and the entire venue thundered with applause. Rahul Rawail praised the undertaking of bold themes by film makers like Shoib.

Actor/producer Namita Lal had an emotional moment reminiscing her launch of Lihaaf’s poster – her first ever feature film last year and release of her first trailer of Oxygen today at Cannes. She said in the blessed month of Ramadan when the director Shoib and local Kashmiri cast of the film celebrate their auspicious month in Kashmir, she is here representing them with so much support from the best in Indian and global cinema as they attended in full strength and appreciated the theme , the shooting in LOC Kashmir. She thanked Ficci who support independent movie makers in Cannes in the Indian Pavillion.


Shot in beautiful, untouched forests of Poonch, Surankot and surrounding areas of Kashmir, Oxygen is a portrayal of the moral ambiguity of corruption among low paid government employees. The dilemma of low salaries and tempting deals offered to grossly underpaid and under-employed officials and the resultant struggle of honest officers with the established system forms the central plot of the film.

Producers plan to bring the film among Indian and global audiences by the end of the year. Namita Lal also mentioned to media later that after the event the film is being invited by many festivals and they will soon announce the world premiere.