#TrailerLaunch: Ekta Kapoor and Imtiaz Ali’s Laila Majnu is a classic with a contemporary twist

-By Pranil Tailor.

Imtiaz Ali and Ekta Kapoor‘s Laila Majnu is an ode of love based on the classic story of Laila Majnu, which has been given a contemporary take, making it connect to the twenty first century’s audience. This eternal love story sets in Kashmir and revolves around the journey of Kais (Avinash Tiwary) and Laila (Tripti Dimri), which goes through insurmountable obstacles.

This film will launch Avinash and Tripti in the world of cinema. With new faces and a classic story, the film will be hitting big screens in September, 2018.

Avinash‘s transformation from Kais to Majnu is unbelievable. He outshines the character. His performance seems strong, while Tripti is not only looking beautiful but also has the charisma of the modern Laila who is bold, brainy and a flirt too. The banter between them gives us an aww moment and their relationship looks natural, void of unnecessary drama.

Talking about the film at the trailer launch Imtiaz Ali said, “Some stories live forever, even before our birth Laila Majnu existed and it will continue to, even after our death. We have been sincere to the actual story line and have changed only a few things.

Producer Ekta Kapoor opened up on the same saying, “I loved this story and despite of being financially not so stable back then, I decided to do this. It may not be a tragic hit of the year, but it’s a satisfying film that I have made and I am happy.

This film could have been done with known Bollywood or Television faces as the leads, but since new talent is being launched Imtiaz shared, “We wanted people to believe that they are watching real Laila-Majnu and that’s the reason we brought new faces on board.

Avinash was the first person, who auditioned and became a semi finalist too, while Tripti auditioned much later,” added Imtiaz

When asked about their characters Avinash answered, “Majnu is not the actual name of the character, it’s given to him by people. The movie will show a journey of Kais- a simple, optimistic guy to Majnu.

Whereas Tripti added, “My character is a twenty-first century’s Laila, who is a big time flirt. She loves making boys run around her. Laila doesn’t takes anything seriously, she doesn’t even believe in true love. Thus the movie will show a different Laila to you.

Watch the trailer here:

Indeed, a story worth remembering, a story worth watching and a story worth living- Laila Majnu, releasing on 7th September, 2018.