TSM Productions To Launch A Lockdown Song ‘Nikle Toh Nikal Logey’ With Kunal Ganjawala and Manish Raisinghan

Amidst lockdown, several artists are trying their best to churn out fresh content and music to keep their fans entertained. One day after World Music Day TSM Productions announced the release a #coronaanthem their new song ‘Nikle Toh Nikal Logey’ featuring eminent singer Kunal Ganjawala.

The song emphasizes on staying indoors and that even though unlock 1.0 has happened, the idea is to take precautions and not go out unless absolutely necessary. The lockdown song also features Geet Sagar and guest rapper Manish Raisinghan.
Producer Chitra Vakil Sharma said, “When we saw the song, we felt that not only is it entertaining but it also sends out a positive message, which is important in the times we are living in. The song has been completely shot in lockdown which in itself is a feat to accomplish considering there was no crew and team and everything is self-shot, edited and executed. I loved the quality and creativity of the song and hence we decided let’s get this out to our audience and hopefully, if we can make even a slight difference, then we have accomplished something. ”

While the Hindi lyrics have been penned by Geet Sagar and English by Kunal Ganjawala, the song has been directed by Anup Bhat, produced by TSM Productions. Nivedita Basu, Chandni Soni, Swapna Waghmare Joshi and Chitra Vakil Sharma have tied hands as producers to launch this song that is here to make a difference. The music and the video have been made during lockdown from the artist’s respective homes, adhering to the quarantine guidelines. The full music video will be released digitally on Zee Music on the 24th June!

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