Popular TV celebs like Shubhangi Atre, Helly Shah and Zebby Singh consider Lord Shiva as a source of inspiration as he is the “destroyer of evil” and “god of meditation”, they said on the occasion of Mahashivaratri which falls on Monday.

Here’s what the celebrities have to say:

Shubhangi Atre : Lord Shiva inspires me a lot. I love to follow him because he is known as the destroyer of evil. He couldn’t tolerate injustice and destroyed the evil in a fair manner. Similarly, even we should try to keep zero tolerance for the evil happening around us and take a stand against injustice.

Roop Durgapal: I am a huge devotee of Lord Shiva and everything about him is worth getting inspired. His third eye symbolises that we should not always believe that we see untill we are able to see it through our mind’s eye. Similarly, his Trishul symbolises controlling our ego, mind and intellectual self.

Helly Shah: An uncontrolled mind can lead you to live a disastrous life. You cannot win your targets when you lose focus and fall prey to your desires and addictions. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep your mind aligned to your goals and heart too. Lord Shiva is god of meditation. I feel he inspires me to be focused. I am a big devotee of Shiva.

Tanya Sharma: Take a look at Shiva’s attire for a second — Lord Shiva always stayed away from wealth. You’re missing out on nothing in life if you’re not attached to wealth and materialistic things. Because materialistic happiness is temporary. You need to find your happiness in events and experiences, and not things. He clearly explains me that materialistic happiness never stays for long.

Zebby Singh : Shiva inspires me to keep calm and keep moving on. Shiva is called a ‘Maha Yogi’ because he meditated for hours for the well-being of the universe. His calm state of mind was disturbed only due to extreme reasons, but otherwise he would always be in a meditative state of mind.

Mahika Sharma: Shiva teaches us that our ego is the only thing that prevents us from attaining greatness. It is your ego that comes between your goals and your dreams, and makes you a less loving person. He never let his ego get the better of himself. On the other hand, nor did he tolerate anyone else’s ego.