TV Actors sharing some of their childhood memories on Children’s Day

Childhood is about fun and games, but it is also about rules and regulations. Our TV actors tell us the restrictions they had to abide by when they were small.

Ankit Siwach:

I have always been a distracted child and was never focussed on anything that would help create value in my life. There were restrictions, but I would often get involved in adventures, especially ones which were not allowed. It’s fun to break restrictions, so I don’t actually remember a thing that I wanted to do but could not.


I always wanted to learn all the forms of Martial arts. But I wasn’t allowed to as my mother was overprotective and used to feel that I’d hurt myself or the other person. I somehow managed to learn 2-3 types of it and am still learning new things every day. I used to admire Jet Lee and Jackie Chan since my childhood and that had an influence on me.

Jasmin Bhasin:

One thing that I always wanted to do as a child was to stay at my friend’s place for a girls night out but my father never allowed me. He would say you can party and study as long as you can but no staying over. I wanted to do it because it sounded fun to stay over at friend’s place, talking to them and doing all girly stuff. All my friends were allowed to stay except me.