Vikaas Kalantri back from relaxed stay at Kashmir!

Producer Vikaas Kalantri is back from a work and fun vacation. Vikas spent a few days in the serene locales of Kashmir with his wife and actor-couple Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonerjee. “It was amazing. It’s really heaven on earth. I am so happy I got invited for an event there or else I would have not experienced this beauty for a while. My Wife Priyanka Kalantri, Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee,” he says.

The producer says that he loved trying the local cuisines there. “Well, we ate all the local cuisine including the mutton matschgand, lamb rogan josh and a lot of varied cuisines. Kawa was like an everyday affair for us. It’s amazing and I love the essence of Kawa,” he says.

While Kashmir is shown beautifully in films, Vikaas says it is even more exquisite otherwise. “I think it is well beyond Bollywood films; Kashmir is heaven on earth and it is actually India ka Taj. We also visited Betaab valley which is named after the film shot there Betaab,” he says, adding, “The beauty is incomparable to any place in India and also beats a lot of places in Europe and abroad. Each place, each corner is so beautiful that we were simply loving it.

Talking about Gurmeet and Debina, Vikaas says they were the perfect travel companions. “They are my best friends, we think alike and also have similar likes and dislikes so it’s a pleasure traveling with them. My wife and I just love their company and we always have a ball wherever we travel,” he says.

Another highlight of their trip was the apple trees! “Oh! They were amazing. Priyanka went mad after seeing the live apples and was all over the place. I loved the valley and the garden also had fresh apple juice removed right in front of our eyes,” he says.

The producer urges other people to travel to Kashmir as well. “I just want to add, there are a lot of myths about Kashmir. But it is absolutely safe, we roamed around like travelers without any bit of security and only have happy memories about the place. More and more people should visit the place as it’s so beautiful, really heaven on earth. There is nothing to be worried about. Just go and enjoy this crown of India,” he says.