Vinta Nanda-Alok Nath controversy: Alok Nath’s co-workers urge people to hear both sides of the story

Veteran actor Alok Nath has been accused of rape by producer Vinta Nanda. Nanda, who produced and wrote path-breaking show ‘Tara’, opened up about the harrowing incident in a Facebook post on Monday. Here is what those who had worked with Nath have to say about him.

Amal Sehrawat:

I played Alok Nath sir’s grandson in ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ and have worked very closely with him. We have had a splendid experience. I urge everyone to not jump the guns and reach any conclusion so soon. I have a very high regard for women but I also have full faith in Alok Nath sir. On set, he shared a cordial relationship with everyone and respected every actor and crew member. He is a wonderful co-star and a gem of a person. #Metoo movement is a very brave step by women but before reaching any conclusion, both sides of the stories should be evaluated.

Hrishikesh Pandey:

I worked with Alok Nath in the TV show ‘Piya Ka Ghar’. I am shocked to know this. We really don’t know what happened but I would like to say that when it happens, the person should not keep quiet. In fact, he or she should come out and fight and make sure the culprit is punished. One should not keep quiet, irrespective of the position of the person. The culprit should be punished because anything done without anyone’s consent is not acceptable and one can really not understand the trauma the victims are dragged through. Having said that, there are cases of people who are putting false allegations on someone, and they need to be stopped. I am on good terms with Alok Nath. He was sweet as a co-star. I think we should hear what he has to say too.

Vibha Chibber:

I worked with Alok Nath for three and a half years in ‘Bidaai’ and he was a thorough gentleman. I am shocked to read Vinta Nanda’s post.  I have no clue what happened 20 years ago. I don’t even know how to react to such stuff.

Well, what are your views on the same?