“Wafer’s energy and the love he showers upon us is so pure and lovely” -Sourabh Raaj Jain

In these current times of home quarantine and lockdown, Sourabh who now has some free time on hand has also been spending some of it with his pet dog Wafer, who is really loving the much wanted love and attention from him!

Sourabh too has been enjoying Wafer’s company quite a lot, as he is proving to be an absolute stress buster and a good companion for him in these uncertain times.

While getting goofy with Wafer at home has been the usual, Sourabh is also ensuring all necassary precautions be taken for him in the need of the hour.

Speaking about spending quality time at home with his pet dog, Sourabh shares,”Wafer has been an absolute stress buster for me in these trying and testing times. Earlier due to shoot I wasn’t able to spend much time at home with him, so I am covering up for that now. Its great fun to just laze around and play with him, and just have him jump all around. Wafer’s energy and the love he showers upon us is so pure and lovely, that it really helps keep the home atmosphere calm and positive. Dogs truly are a mans best friend and I absolutely agree with that saying! Because right now Wafer is definitely proving to be a best friend to us all at home with his cute and innocent antics which always lighten up the home environment. His attention though is being shared currently,as my babies at home play with him so much, that he is always on his toes for them! And even gets quite a lot of snacks from them when they are eating and happen to drop down, bits and pieces which are quite a lot!”.

“Though we are avoiding taking him out for walks right now due to the situation,so there is a place for him in the house itself where he tends to his natures call and he in general is anyways running all about the house when its play time with us.”