#WHAT: A legal notice has been issued against Actress Hina Khan; Here the reason why!

a legal noticed has been issued against television Actress Hina Khan stating that she has duped a jewellery brand for jewellery worth Rs. 11,11,000.

Hina Khan in her twitter account said ” LOLwonder why this legal notice did not reach my house and instead reached all the media houses.. sorry haters this tactic will not work.. try something new.. bhassodi will still shine”

The entire incident was highlighted when India News, a news channel, carried a report saying that Hina has been accused of a jewellery brand. The report highlighted that a jewellery brand has accused her of promoting their brand at an event by wearing their jewellery of Rs 12 Lakh but not returning it post the event. Now, the same brand has sent a notice, giving 15 days time to the actress to return the jewellery. 

Basis on all this, we would like to share the legal notice with you which clearly mentions that the legal notice was sent to Hina Khan’s residential address and not to media.

Well, we don’t know if the notice didn’t really reach to her residence or Hina is lying to save her public image. Is this really true? only time will tell.