WHAT?? Imran turns ward boy, Reema a nurse in Ishq Subhan Allah…

Zee TV‘s Ishq Subhan Allah is doing well in means of creating a buzz in the audience but from the past few weeks has drowned in the top 5 TRP list. Nonetheless, the show is receiving the same amount of love and support from the viewers and seems like it is preparing hard to enter the top 5 list once again.

The current track shows how Zara is accused of killing Nilofer and how Imam is revolving things around Zara with the help of Miraj. While all the evil trails are being carried against Zara, her husband Kabir has sworn to prove her innocence in front of everyone.

Today, it will be shown that Miraj kidnaps Zara and informs Kabir that he will be killing her by a bomb blast and that he has only 10 minutes to save her. Kabir reaches late and will see the car getting blast. But Miraj has already taken Zara away, keeping her in his custody. Later, he will be seen kidnaping Kabir too, and seen bringing him in front of Zara.

Now we bring you a shocking revelation. Kabir and Zara‘s best friends Imran and Reema will be seen as a ward boy and a nurse respectively. They will enter the hospital in disguise to find proofs for Zara‘s innocence.

Well, surely the show is gearing up with a bundle of drama for its viewers. It is to see where will Imran and Reema‘s disguise lead the story ahead.