What’s up in Taarak Mehta?

The obviously overstretched plot of Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah has indeed another twist.

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So Master Bhide was walking on the streets late night, when he came across a drunk man about to be hit by a truck. He saves the man from being hit. Happily, the drunk man, who happens to be a jeweler, hands Bhide a bag of Gold biscuits as a token of thanks. Bhide says no at first, but the man insists him to take it. So he does.

The next morning, the hungover jeweler realizes that he doesn’t have the bag of biscuits. He files a complaint in the Police. The Police goes to the accident spot and finds Bhide’s Driving License. They arrest Bhide because the bag of biscuits is found there.

To save Bhide, the other men in Gokuldham Society decide to replicate the scenario again the next night. So now Sodhi becomes the truck driver, and Jethalal, the messiah, saves the man from being hit again. They shoot a video of this incident and show it to the police. When the jeweler gets to know of this, he files a case against the other men of the Society, saying that they took his life for granted, and he could have died if Jethalal wasn’t able to save him for some reason.

He has a point, you know?

The story will unfold on Monday as to how Gokuldham public save the men. Maybe the women of the Society will do something? We shall wait and watch.