Will Anirudh Find Bondita today: Barister Babu

In tonight’s episode Anirudh is in search of Bondita on the streets of Hiramandi, when Tarabai happens to hear his voice. To ensure that Bondita cannot hear him out, she orders the tabla players to play their tablas loudly. On the other hand, Bondita uses the lesson learned as a good grihini from Trilochan. She keeps all the remaining coals from the hookahs in a bowl and lights a fire. As a result, we see excessive smoke from the room. Everyone is alarmed as they think that Bondita’s room is on fire! Bondita gets into a flashback where she remembers how Trilochan had asked that whenever she would roast coals, she should open the windows, else, it might appear that the house is on fire. Bondita and Haseena take this opportunity to escape from Kotha but unfortunately, Bondita’s Saree gets stuck. She manages to convince Haseena to move ahead and that she’ll follow her soon!

Will Bondita successfully escape from Kotha and meet Anirudh?

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