News agencies to boycott IPL

World news agencies to boycott IPL

News agencies to boycott IPL

Some of the world news agencies have made a decision against covering cricket’s Indian Premier League T20 tournament in India and the United Arab Emirates, because of the elimination of several photo agencies from covering games. Agence France-Press, Thomson Reuters and Associated Press will send no reporters or photographers to the contest, which starts on Wednesday, April 16 as a complaint next to the IPL’s boundary on editorial freedom.
The photo agencies, including Getty Images and Action Images, provide publishers of editorial newspapers and websites around the world with pictures from sporting events in several countries without troubles, but have been debarred from covering the seventh version of the IPL following a disagreement regarding the commercialization of photos.
“The IPL policy is counter-productive and will lead to cricket fans being denied the varied and independent coverage they would expect from such reputable news sources,” the News Media Coalition, which clashes next to controls placed on news meeting and allocation by the organisers of main sporting events, said in a announcement.
“Between them, news agencies reach hundreds of thousands of publishing entities which are seen by millions of readers. That’s the value of getting the news media on-side – to the benefit of team franchises, players and sponsors.
“International news and photo agencies were able to cover the first IPL tournaments including the one in South Africa and we do not believe there should be an obstacle for the IPL 7 or other Indian cricket events.”