Ye Shobhaa nahi deta Shobhaa De!!..
Ye Shobhaa nahi deta Shobhaa De!!..

Yeh Shobhaa nahi deta Shobhaa De!!..

Yeh Shobhaa nahi deta Shobhaa De!!..

Shobha De has emerged as the only hope of India for winning a Gold Medal at Olympics which non of our hard working athlete’s and sportsmen can do who have succeeded to qualify for Olympics.  

Recently after Shobhaa De tweeted about her ‘Dissatisfaction’ regarding the performances of our sportsmen at Rio Olympics for not winning any medals has disappointed the citizens of India and has taken the entire nation at storm on twitter.   Many lashed out at her for being insensitive towards athletes who beat the odds and reached where they are today despite the bad infrastructure on offer for athletes in the country.

She tweeted “Goal of Team India at the Olympics: Rio jao. Selfies lo. Khaali haat wapas aao. What a waste of money and opportunity,”...

Here is what Twitter looks like









Abhinav Bindra, who replied to her tweet calling it “unfair”, was very close to getting India its first medal. And how can one forget Dipa Karmakar making it to the finals creating history by becoming the first Indian gymnast to enter the Individual vault final of artistic gymnastics.



Actor Gul Panag was among the ones who highlighted a very pertinent point of lack of “institutional support” and “sporting culture” in India.


The Politician Milind Deora also commented, “Unsporting & crass for socialites to frivolously dis Indian athletes who have succeeded against all odds to get as far as Rio.”

But Shobhaa De didn’t stop here. She went on to reply Abhinav Bindra and here’s what she tweeted.




And the Twitterati are angry. This is what people had to say.





It is clear that the author has lost her mind and sensibility. We would only request Shobhaa De with due respect that it’s every easy to dress up in designer cloths and attend Page 3 parties and gossip about the secret affairs of the Richie Rich and actors. But it takes real pain,  sheer hard work and determination that leads these athletes to reach Olympics and do what they are able to do with very little or no resources made available to them. If you have the power of words then please do use it for the betterment of our sportsmen that will lead our Nation with pride and not for demotivating them by making such insensitive statements.