You don’t need six-pack abs to be called fit: Rohit Choudhary

Actor, producer Rohit Choudhary is 50, but looking at his lean and muscular body no one will believe that. Being a fitness enthusiast, he feels people shouldn’t be obsessed with six-pack abs, he says that it doesn’t make one fit.

“Six-pack abs and eight-pack abs are not necessary at all for being fit and healthy. You should not be underweight or overweight according to your age. You don’t need six-pack abs to be called fit. I don’t believe in six-pack and eight-pack abs, I believe in fitness,” he said.

For him, a healthy lifestyle is a way to keep one happy. He said, “If you will be healthy and fit, then your body and mind will cooperate with you. If you will be fit you will get compliments, as people tell me that I don’t look like the father of two kids. When I am with my children, everyone says that I look like a brother to them. Now even my kids have also adopted the same thing and they also maintain a proper balanced diet and eat healthy.”

He feels that one must follow a disciplined lifestyle to be fit and healthy. He said, “There should be a proper timetable, like eight hours of sleep is much needed, do a workout at home, you can do Surya namaskar, stretching, push-ups. All this you can do anywhere and for this, you don’t need any equipment. But to stay fit you need to workout daily and maintain a proper disciplined lifestyle. Having said that, sometimes it’s difficult to follow it, suppose you have a night shift, so on those days you can have your eight hours of sleep during the day and have healthy food.”

“Whenever I am traveling I always carry my food. I avoid eating roadside oily food. But it is not possible for everyone, so avoid eating oily food, but if you have it once in a while within limits then that’s ok too. And when you are traveling, there is no gym, so the room you are staying in you can do normal exercise before going to a bath. There are many possibilities to keep yourself fit, you just need to find them,” he added.

Do you think gyms are important? “No, gyms came recently, but before that also people used to be fit. So you can do CrossFit, or jogging and run in parks, or ground training to be fit. I prefer ground training which includes running, yoga, push-ups, hanging, chin-ups. I prefer CrossFit more compared to gyms”

Lastly, Rohit revealed his diet and said, “I prefer eating boiled vegetables, salads, roasted chicken, I avoid eating oily and restaurant foods. I always prefer to have small meals like I take the quantity of two meals and divide them into six meals and have it six times in a day, it helps me in digestion. I don’t overeat, I take small meals but I put a gap of two hours in each meal.”